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Brasil y Belleza
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Frequent Questions

How I can make an order?

The orders can be done by:

Web: creating an user account and adding products to the basket.
Teléfono: calling at Customers Care Phone +34 93.303.33.36
Email: sending an email to

What are the shipping costs?

You can access the Payment and Shipping Methods section to check the payment cost for each destination.

When will I receive my order?

Items that are in stock and whose order payment is confirmed before 14 pm will ship the same day.

You will receive an email automatically when the order is ready for shipment and the deliver deadlines depend on the area:

You can access the Payment and Shipping Methods section to check the delivery times for each destination.

What are the order different states?

The orders can be in the following states:

Pending: new order made by the customer.
Awaiting Payment: order received and waiting for payment.
In Process: payment received and order being prepared for shipment.
Done: order sent by Brasil & Belleza.

What if I am not at the address at the delivery time?

If there is no other person who can receive your order in your name, you must contact us as soon as possible to arrange a new delivery. In any case, a note will be left in the mailbox for you to contact the carrier.

Importante: if the courier try to delivery your order and you are three times absent, if you have not call the courier or do not answer our calls, the order will be returned to Brasil & Belleza.

Can I cancel my order?

In the event that the package has not left our warehouse yet, you can cancel it sending an email to with the order number and your name.

What is Keratin?

Keratin is a natural protein that hair loses over time naturally. It is the best ingredient for total recovery and long hair, and the first application is already noticeable improvement in skin texture and smoothness thereof. It is recommended for all hair types.

Does the Keratin straights the hair?

NO. The keratin treatment is not a straightening treatment. It is a deep hydrating treatment that nourishes the hair thoroughly, giving them more weight and removing frizz, so it gives them an appearance of smoothness. If you want to straight your hair, we recommend you to pick one of our keratin straightening treatment.

Do the products contain formaldehyde?

Our products DO NOT contain formaldehyde in any concentration. This substance is prohibited in the European Union and any company can sell it legally.

Is it necessary to use hair dryer and iron?

The Keratin is activated by heat, so you have several options: thermal cap, hair dryer, iron, curler, etc. Remember that the hair should be completely dry before using the iron.

What is the importance of using the Anti-residue Shampoo?

Much. Anti-residue Shampoo helps open the hair cuticles allowing keratin to be effectively absorbed by the hair fiber. It is always advisable to use it before a keratin treatment or an intensive mask.

Which is better to apply before Keratin treatment: a salt-free shampoo or an anti-residue shampoo?

It is preferably recommend using anti-residue shampoo because it prepares better the hair fiber to absorb keratin, but if you have some of our salt-free shampoos you can also use it before applying the keratin, although the result will not be as effective.

Why do I have to be 24 hours without washing my hair after the treatment?

Keratin is fixed with heat and time, in the 24 hours after application, keratin will be fixing all over the hair fiber. The longer you leave it acting, better it will be.

I have dyed hair, I can use keratina?

Keratin is natural and so that is very recommended to be used in dyed hair to recover and shine it.

How I can prolong the keratin treatment effect?

To prolong treatment results is very important to use salt-free products like shampoo, conditioner and / or mask and serum.

Is it normal to feel the hair heavy in the keratin first application?

Yes, it is part of the process and means that the hair has absorbed all it could of the keratin applied, or perhaps you have spent too much keratin. But do not worry because the unpleasant effect will stop with the first wash with salt products.

What is the difference between keratin treatments?

Keratin treatments can be of three types:

Cream: composed by liquid keratin + mask, especially recommended for dry and damaged hair because removes frizz and reduce volume while provide hydration.
Liquid: composed by keratin pure liquid, and it is recommended for severely damaged hair in need of urgent repair or very fine hair or weak, because its texture is light and not heavy on hair, removing frizz without diminish volume.
Jelly: composed of pure jelly keratin and especially recommended for oily hair, with dandruff, thin or in few quantity, because is lighter and has faster absorption.

What is the difference between buying a Treatment Pack or a individual Keratin Treatment?

Treatment packs are shock and super concentrated treatments, while individual treatments serve to maintain the keratin treatment.

What is the difference between Progressive and Chemical Straightening Treatment?

The Progressive Straightening Treatment does not contain formaldehyde or harsh chemicals, and gradually smoothes all hair types: dyed, relaxers, highlights, etc. by high concentrations of nutrients, which only bring benefits to the hair.

The effect can last between 1-3 months depending on the post-treatment care, and can be re-applied last one month of the treatment.

The Chemical Straightening Treatment is permanent and smooths the hair fiber through chemical ingredients. Its effect lasts indefinitely, only having to do root touch up when the hair grows back.

What is the best treatment for my hair type?

Brasil & Belleza offers you a personalized suitable for your needs. Tell us how do you have the hair and what you want to improve. We will be happy to help you.

You can access the Payment and Shipment Methods section to check the delivery times for each location.

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01.Gorra térmica Eurostil aluminio
02.Kit tratamiento de keratina Novex Queratina Brasileña cauterización 400ml
03.Carga de keratina K3 Plus con aminoácidos de trigo 50g
04.Kit de alisado brasileño Kativa con keratina y argán 145ml
05.Pack queratina K3 Plus keratina cauterización y queratinización 3 productos
06.Champú Novex Bambú crecimiento y fuerza sin sal 300ml
07.Carga de keratina Keramax 50g
08.Kit de alisado brasileño Keramax Liso Intenso con keratina 240ml
09.Kit de botox capilar Valquer SBS Divinity Effect 132ml
10.Carga de keratina Novex 80g
11.Mascarilla Novex Aceite de Ojon restauración de alto impacto 1Kg
12.Champú Novex Queratina Brasileña protección y reparación sin sal 300ml

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