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Buy Keratin for the hair - Keratin Treatment

The Keratin treatment is the most seeking product for women of all around the world. It’s used to hydrate, catch up and fortify all the types of hair: Straight, thin, wavy, dyed etc. Keratin doesn’t smooth, but replaces amino acids, vitamins and the own hair keratin that has been lost by chemical processes, natural or with age with immediate results of a hair hydrate, soft, shiny and without frizzing.

Keratin for the hair

For those persons that are always looking for the new, the novelty, the innovative and thus remain in the wave of modernity and to the day with all the proposals that come in topics such as hair care, has arrived the keratin, a recognized hair product that help us to keep the hair revitalized, shining, silky and manageable.

What’s the keratin for hair

The keratin is often the most seeked and bought product in the market to make the hair more docile. One of the other reasons why we use keratin is to repair the structure of the hair fibers that have been damaged by the contact of strong chemicals in hair transformation processes. In other words, Keratin is used to protect the hair by covering it with a layer that prevents the strand from being mistreated by natural agents such as the sun and the regular exposure to aggressive chemist. The scalp is stimulated to produce collagen naturally so that the hair grows healthy.

Does keratin work without formaldehyde?

Buying a keratin that does not contain formaldehyde remains the preferred option for those who want to have straight hair. The effect is incredible, so much that it changes what is burned and rough that can be found in the scalp. Keratin without formaldehyde give a new life to the hair that have lost exposure to very large concentrations of this component. Hair always needs to look natural, so using products with foreigner subtracts points for this purpose. Using a keratin without formaldehyde reduces the risks of irritability of the eyes to the moment that the product is in the hair and that it is in contact with the warmth to concretize their purpose as hair treatment. Unlike the keratins including formaldehyde, this produces smoke, which is toxic and harmful for the health.

How do we use Keratin in the hair

The directions to use keratin is very easy. First, we wash the hair with a neutral shampoo which eliminate all the types of dirties so as to the hair stay without residues. When it’s washed, we withdraw the extra of water with a clean water. After, you comb the hair and separate the strands; We put keratin on every strand with a spin till you put it on all the hair. After putting the keratin, you use a hair dryer to set the product in the hair fibers. To finish with the application of the treatment, we iron the hair at a temperature not exceeding 200 degrees in order to make the mane smooth.

Advices to buy the best keratins for the hair

Choose the best keratins is the key to ensure the success of the hair treatment. Between the advices we give to you to buy the keratin, we recommend you in the first place to make sure that keratin does not contain formaldehyde, that is a quality keratin, which fortify and protect the hair. To fulfill with these alignments, it will be the best product for you.