Hair botox pack Valquer SBS Divinity Effect 4 products

Complete treatment, with regenerating and rejuvenating effect that gives health and deeply moisturizes the hair, reduces frizz, so that the hair regains radiance and natural glow, thanks to the concentrated botulinium effect, an molecular active that reorganizes the keratin structure of the hair fiber.
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Thin, dry, damaged, bleached hair and without volume.

Active ingredients
Multiprotein formula that contains collagen and keratin with hyaluronic acid and pro-vitamin B5. The maintenance contains Bio-amino rebuilders such as the positive Bioactive, it is Salt (Sodium Chloride) and parabens free. It does not contain formaldehyde.

The combination of ingredients provides an intense nutrition and fills the hair fiber. The maintenance acts inside the damaged hair fiber through its formula, rich in Bio-amino rebuilders, that increases its resistance avoiding breakage, acts restoring the hair fibers from inside (cortex) out (cuticles), replenishing the lost hair mass and providing full reconstruction.

Recovered and repaired hair, shiny, young, with volume and without frizz.

  • Botox Hair Health Care.
  • Expertise Complete Repair Shampoo 250ml.
  • Expertise Complete Repair Mask 300gr.
  • Thermal Cap.
Directions: 2 step treatment:

Step 1 - Botox:
  1. Mix in a plastic bowl the botulinum effect concentrate (use the syringe) with the base enhancer in a ratio of 1 to 10, proportionally:
    • Short hair: 2ml of concentrated to 20ml of base.
    • Medium hair: 3ml of concentrated to 30ml of base.
    • Long hair: 4ml of concentrated to 40ml of base.
  2. Wash the hair with a anti-residue shampoo to open the cuticles.
  3. Remove excess water with a towel. carefully detangle the hair.
  4. Apply the mix strand by strand, from roots to tips, with a brush, evenly spread it with your hands.
  5. Comb the hair to spread it even better and avoid the excess product with the help of a wide fence comb.
  6. Leave it on for 20 minutes, applying heat with a thermal cap.
  7. Rinse the hair with warm water, without removing the entire product.
  8. Proceed to drying the hair with a blow dryer and a thermal brush.
  9. For better results, use an iron. It is not necessary to use a very high temperature, considering the state of the hair use 160ºC / 320ºF maximum.
  10. Do not wash or tie the hair for 24/48 hours, after that time always use salt free products for maintenance, to prolong the effect of the treatment.
Step 2 - Maintenance:
  1. Follow the instructions of the shampoo
  2. And of the mask .
Frequency of use
The treatment can be repeated every 15 days. The shampoo and mask can be used daily.

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