Serum Export Cacau Shine Hair Oil 120ml

The final touch for a perfect result.
Extra fine hair oil.
Restores hydration of all hair types.
Repairs split ends and instantly softens hair.
Easy to use and very convenient for all Export treatments.
Online sale is forbidden. Only sold to accredited professionals, request info here.
  • Reference: 7898501143271
  • Brand: Export Cacau
  • Availability: Not Available Online

¿Why use the Export Cacau Serum in your Salon?
  • Repairs split ends and instantly softens hair
  • For all hair types, doesn't leave the hair oily
  • Easy to apply thanks to its spray format
  • Online sale is forbidden and it is not sold in department stores or retail chains
  • Large and economical size of 120ml
  • Leaves hair hydrated and with a silky touch
  • Professionals who use it are satisfied and do not change it for another!

More information about the treatment:
  • Active ingredients: Mix of Natural Cocoa, Coffee and Macadamia Oils.
  • Indication: All hair types. For professional and domestic use.
  • Action: Provides shine, softness and repairs split ends.
  • Método de uso: Can be used to finish any treatment or cut or also mixed with the Export Btox or the Power Mask for an extra nourishing and hydrating effect. More info about hair oil and serums.

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