Pack Keramax Gek Keratin 3 products

The Treatment Pack - Express Keratin 3 Products instantly recovers hair damaged by chemicals, such as dyes and straightening treatments. This pack lasts 6 applications on medium normal hair.

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  • Reference: PCKT005
  • Brand: Skafe


This Pack includes in the price 10% discount respect to products separately.

Especially for damaged hair.

Less frizzy, healthier and shiny hair.

The pack contains:
  • Keratin Shampoo 300ml (Step 1): cleans, strengthens, protects and helps eliminating frizz.
  • Keramax Reconstructive Liquid Keratin 120ml (Step 2): easily penetrates and repairs the hair.
  • Thermal cap (Step 3): helps to speed up the moisturizing effect of the Keratin.
  • Apply the Shampoo (Step 1) on wet hair and gently work it through the hair.
  • Split the hair into sections with a fine toothed comb and then apply the Keratin (Step 2) on wet hair, starting from the nape to the top of the head.
  • Leave it on for 15 minutes with a thermal cap (Step 3).
  • Rinse the hair to remove product excess.
  • Proceed to blow-drying until the hair is completely dry.
  • Use an iron 2-3 times for strand to accelerate the keratin absorption.
  • In the next 24 hours do not wash the hair, nor use hair bands or fixation products.
  • To prolong the effect of this treatment is recommended to use only salt-free products.
  • The treatment can be repeated within 15 days.
About the Keratin Treatment Packs:
The packs of Brasil & Belleza do not contain formaldehyde and provide benefits to the hair and an improvement in its texture and softness that can be noticed even in the first application.

They are not straightening treatments, they are intensive moisturizing and cauterization treatments, which deeply nourish the hair, providing more weight and removing frizz. Keratin is recommended to all kinds of hair: thin, dyed, greasy, dry, curly, etc.

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