Shampoo Export Cacau Brasil Home Care salt-free 350ml

The best ally for the most demanding professionals!
Hair cleaning product that does not harm the scalp or greasy, reducing frizz at the root and adding shine. Export's anti-frizz maintenance line has been specially developed to prolong the wonderful effects achieved with Brazilian treatments Export Cacau, Coffe, BBtox or any other keratin straightening, keeping hair smooth and soft like the first day for much longer.

Interested request price and a specialized salesperson will get in touch. for Imported Products and BrasilyBelleza Exclusive Distribution in the European Union .

It can be applied to all types of hair.
Especially suitable for hair that is straightened, frizzy, frizzy or looking for a long-lasting smooth effect .
It offers excellent results also on very dry, parched hair that has undergone chemical processes such as dyeing, bleaching ...

Active Ingredients
  • This product does not contain salt (Sodium Chloride)
  • High concentration of Keratin that replenishes the hair mass , repairs and restores the structure of damaged hair, provides strength in the straightening process and a lot of shine.
  • Pure Cocoa that hydrates, protects hair color and preserves shine and health.
  • Total cleaning of the hair without damaging the scalp or greasing, maintaining the anti-frizz effect at the roots and adding shine.
  • Maintains the smooth effect and controls frizz for much longer.
  • Helps preserve color and adds shine
  • Hair softer to the touch and with a spectacular movement
Very smooth hair, full of shine, 100% safe and long-lasting effect of up to 6 months.

Resistant plastic bottle with dispenser, in biodegradable container that totally decomposes in 12 years . Chocolate-scented odor and capacity of 350ml.

Directions and frequency of use:
Follow the instructions of a salt-free shampoo.


More information
Cruelty Free treatment not tested on animals.