Alisado Progresivo

What is a Progressive Smoothing Treatment

Also known by keratin or brazilian straightening treatment, the progressive smoothing treatment is suitable to straight all hair types, including colored, damaged or fine hair, thanks to a combination of amino acids that modifies the structure of the hair, controlling 100% of frizz and smoothing about 70 and 100% (depending on hair type).

This treatment also provides an extra hydration to hair thanks to its moisturized formula that usually contains Keratin, Argan, Vitamins, Protein, etc. Carbocysteine is the most used amino acid in this kind of treatments, and it works by reducing bridges of keratin hair and changing it from curly to straight.

How to use?

  • It is very important to do the strand and touch test before application
  • Do not use on very damaged hair, in this case prefer to make a keratin treatment to recover hair before straightening
  • It is very important to follow product instructions very carefully before using it. For any questions, please contact us
  • The effect lasts from 2 to 6 months with a good maintenance using salt-free products
  • After the maintained period the hair returns to its normal structure
  • On dyed and bleached hair may increase or decrease the color 1-2 shades

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