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Between the intensive reparation hair treatments, we have the hair Botox. It’s common for us to see and hear out there the marvelous effects of this product in other stages, but when it comes to restoring health and shine to our hair, changes arise that we will love.

What is the Botox for the hair?

Hair Botox is a treatment with potent vitamins and proteins that feed the hair. Thanks to this component, the Botox offer us a complete hydration that make our capillary fibers stronger by restoring and correcting the damages caused by other products, iron and hair dryers. We know that the frizz and the hairpin are one of the most frequent causes of our hair pain, as they subtract pleasant appearance from our hair. With the applications of Botox these worries will reduce with complete certainty, the damages will disappear.

How do we use hair Botox?

This product is easy to use, so much so that we can use it from the comfort of our own home. By purchasing the capillary Botox from our shop, you have to take in consideration the following recommendations:
  • Wash your hair with a shampoo without salt or anti waste so that we can get rid of impurities and ensure later a better recovery. The ideal is to wash your hair at least two times.
  • Once it’s washed, we proceed to dry it with a clean towel. It will only be used to remove the water until it is moistened.
  • With an hair dryer, we proceed to get rid of the humidity of our hair, because for the application of the product we will need a little bit drier.
  • By using a hairbrush, we comb to untangle and make separations to distribute the areas in which we will apply the Botox equitably.
  • We use gloves to cover our hands and we start to cover our capillary fibers with the product. After finishing the application we massage our hair leather, by following the root to the tips.
  • Later, we have to leave the Botox on the hair between 20 and 25 min, without the necessity to use hermetic coverages such as bathing caps or bags.
  • We take away the product of the hair with a lot of water, preferably at an ambient temperature, not too cold and not too hot. Moreover, we use a shampoo that favors the duration of the Botox suitable for our hair type.
  • Finally, we correctly dry our hair with a hair dryer by preparing to get a great smoothing with the iron hair.
Also remember that you can consult with one of our experts to ensure the best results that you will only have by using quality products in our shop online.

Benefits of the hair Botox

The benefits that stand out most from the treatment of capillary Botox are the following:
  • Eliminates the porosity of the hair and therefore the dryness.
  • It guarantees a hydration from the root till the tips.
  • It fixes the hairpin, reduces the breakable state of the hair and reduces the frizz.
  • It is easy to get and not expensive.
  • It is a product that allow us to continue using our usual shampoo.
  • We don’t have to wait the results because the results appear immediately.

For how long will it last the hair Botox effects?

Like the Botox, it’s a treatment that hydrates and gives flexibility to the hair, its effects can have a duration quite long. It depends of the quality of the product; it lasts between 30 to 40 days. If you look closely, it lasts a little less than it can last other products like keratin, for it, it’s recommended to applicate it with regularity to make our hair docile, soft, shining and of good color.