Definitive Smoothing

What is a Definitive Smoothing Treatment?

Also known by relaxer, it is a permanent straightening treatment that smoothes the hair fiber through chemical ingredients. Guanidine, thioglycolate and ammonium are the most used chemicals to change the hair structure from curly to straight and definitely break capillary bridges while neutralize new bridges for a total smooth effect.

How to use?

  • It is very important to follow product instructions very carefully before using it
  • For any questions, please contact us
  • The effect lasts indefinitely and the treatment can not be repeated on hair already smoothed once
  • Only repeat the smoothing treatment on hair which has grown
  • Do not use on chemically treated, dyed or discolored hair, neither on already smoothed hair earlier than 6 months prior to last application
  • It is very important to do the strand and touch test before application
  • It is very importante to use only nutritive hair maintenance products for capillary care routine

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