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Keratin smoothing treatment.
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Having straight hair is the style of preference for the contemporary women. And yes, the interest to keep a perfect smoothing make you want to use products of quality that guarantee those results that you wait. As an answer of your research, we recommend you the smoothed keratin, at the best price in our store.

What is the treatment?

you will notice that applying this treatment is a easy procedure. It consists of the previous preparation of the hair, which should be washed with salt free shampoo to ensure that the hair don’t keep the residues of other products. Once the washing is done, you proceed to you proceed to dry your hair trying to keep it moist. So, you’ll be ready to apply the keratin. You should keep in mind that the application of the treatment starts from the root by making use of a small brush so that its bristles completely cover the area. A hair dryer and a hair iron will help you meet this processor to get the desired smooth. After using the keratin, fix the product with the hair dryer, then you’ll finish sealing it using the iron to so many degrees require until you have straight hair.

Advantages of the straightening treatment with Keratin

You’ll be surprised to know that with the straightening treatment with Keratin, there are a lot of advantages that we can get. Between them, we have thanks to the quality products that we offer to you at the best prices, you won’t have to use several times the iron to keep the straight and under control. In plus to reduce the using of devices for the smoothing, the treatment helps to the reconstruction of the capillary fibres which make our hair stays silky, enjoying brightness and vitality. The treatment is so effective that it guarantees the protection of the hair before the sun exposition which can cause dryness. And definitively, for the modern women that need more time to take advantage every day.

How long the straightening will last?

Despite all the advantages and the benefits that the keratin offers to us, we have to know that the smoothing that is achieved with the treatment has a time of duration. This time can change from a minimum durability of one month to a maximum of three months, dependent on hair care. We shouldn’t forget that while the hair will grow, the straightening that has been reached from the root will reduce. The best guarantee of a long lasting of the product is its good application but this will also depend of the abundance of your hair.

From each time do I have to repeat the treatment?

For thin hair, the most recommended is that you use the treatment every three months, or every time you feel your hair need it to get them straight. For curled hair it’s better to applicate the treatment in shorter periods of time for everything that requires smoothing this type of hair. If you have a type of hair more thick, it’s okay you can do it too. The better is starting to use other kind of treatments stronger so that when you access the keratin you get what you want and more.

How to know if they used formaldehyde in my hair?

You’ll notice that you used formaldehyde when you see that a layer of plasticity in your capillary fiber is created. This effect will cause your hair to lose progressively shaped vitality until it breaks. We guarantee you a smoothed hair with the best keratin products that we can offer in our shop online, it will help you to keep your hair more beautiful, healthy at the best price.