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Permanent keratin straightening | At home with the best price

In the whole world, there is no woman who does not strive day by day to look radiant and beautiful and in this ambitious purpose our hair plays a super special role. And if its hair, the latest and new thing we all want to hit is with a very straight, shiny and healthy mane, so in these cases what we most seek is a permanent straightening.

What is a permanent straightening of the hair?

The permanent straight is a unique treatment between the products that you usually use for the hair care and maintenance. The particular thing about this treatment is that it is used by all the persons that want to do radical changes to their hair, like going from curly, wavy or frizzy to plain and silky hair. The technique of the permanent hair straightening completely disappear all types of soft or rebellious waves that are present in our hair. So find us more, we have the solution ready for you in our online store. As you know, it is a product made with a chemical component destined to transform the structure and the texture of our capillary fibres. In this amendment process, the strands of our hair that have remained for a long time super curly and frizzy will become completely straight in the blink of an eye.

How to make the permanent straightening

The steps that we have to follow to get this permanent straightening that we want so much are super simple. Although the simple application you have to consider certain conditions in our hair since the straightening is a bit strong. The first step is the application of the shampoo. This will help us to remove and eliminate all the traces of the products that we have used to manage our mane, like the case of the gel fixatives or lacquers, as well to remove hair dye residues. Once we use the shampoo we make sure to wash our hair well massaging with fingertips the scalp and the capillary fibres, in this way we make sure that the traces of other products come off. We remove the shampoo using warm water to stimulate the disposition of the strands.

Make the straightening at home without formaldehyde

We dry well our hair; we brush and divide by strands. As a next step, we apply the permanent straightening strand by strands from the root to the tips. We let the product act in an approximate time of 30 to 40 min depending on the degree of our frizz. After waiting for the stipulated time, we remove the product with abundant water at ambient temperature. Now, we have to use something very important and this is the neutralizing. We’ll use this one to carry it from the root to the tips; we will leave it to act about 15 min which will allow sealing the treatment. Finally, we will be able to dry and ironing our mane to begin to show off the fabulous straightening. And remember that in our online store you will be able to buy quality products at the best prices to help you get straight hair.

What is laminated for hair?

This is the perfect product to seal the hair cuticles and thus achieve absolute protection against external agents that can represent some damage to our hair. Plasticizing will help the straightening to become even more permanent.

How long the permanent straightening takes and lasts?

The effects of the treatment come to have a quite wide temporality, hence the aggregate of permanent. We can resort to the application of the product whenever we notice that our hair has grown and this guarantee the continuity of our wonderful permanent straightening. We can look better and better as we keep it.