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HairLife Rizos is a permanent relaxer based on Ammonia Thioglycollate, enriched with natural oils , which provides loose and perfect snails . To complete your dream, the Argan line will restore the luminosity and hydration of your hair.
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  • Permanent Curly Kit
  • Thermal Cap
  • Argan Shampoo 300ml
  • Argan Mask 1Kg
  • Argan Combing Cream 300g
Indicated for natural or virgin hair that is resistant, afro or very curly. Do not use dyed, fine, bleached hair or with blonde highlights.

Active ingredients
Ammonia Thioglycollate, Avocado, Sunflower, Argan and Shea Butter Oil.

The Embelleze Hairlife Permanent Curling Kit relaxes, defines, provides naturalness, shine and softness to curls.

Defined, loose and soft curls.

  1. Important:
    APPLICATION FOR NO CURLY HAIR: Attention: For curly hair, use the step-by-step retouching. For long or very voluminous hair, we recommend using two or more bundles. For the face / perm you will need: - Bigoudis, and the bunch size will be determined by the width of the bigoudis. - Special tip paper for curves / perms.

  2. Wick test:
    • The Wick test is very important, since it evaluates the time necessary for the product to take effect, in addition to verifying the degree of resistance of the strands, indicating if the hairs are in good condition for transformation - Fine hair (from 5 to 25 minutes); Medium Hair (15 to 35 minutes); Thick hair (20 to 45 minutes). Never exceed 45 minutes!
  3. Application:
    • Divide the already detangled hair into 4 quadrants with non-metallic closures.
    • Protect your shoulders with a towel and put on gloves.
    • Start with quadrant one. Part your hair into thin strands. Starting at the nape of the neck, spread the HairLife Chub & Natural Relaxation And Curling Cream with the back of the comb. Lightly comb with a comb from the root to the middle of the hair. Avoid touching the product to the scalp and do not apply to the wick test section.
    • After applying the HairLife Cacho & Natural Relaxation and Curling Cream on all the strands of quadrant 1, move on to the following quadrants, repeating the same procedure.
    • Go back to quadrant 1 and, with the help of the comb, bring the HairLife Cacho & Natural HairLife Relaxation And Curling Cream to the ends of the wick.
    • Before going to the next section, with the help of gloves, use your fingers to pull the HairLife Cacho & Natural Relaxation and Curling Cream applied from the roots to the ends, to ensure that it is well distributed. After the action time (as indicated in the Wick test, remove all the natural chunk & cream of the hair life with plenty of water.
    • Starting from the front, wrap all the hair with the bigoudis, respecting up to 2 cm from the root of the hair. Put 1 point paper between the bigoudi and each part of the hair lock. This process should take a maximum of 40 minutes. Closed the winding of all the wicks, wait 20 minutes.
    • Carefully use a towel to remove excess water and apply part of the HairLife Cacho & Natural Neutralizing, bigoudi de bigoudi, waiting 10 minutes for the action of the product.
    • After the action time, apply the HairLife Cacho & Natural Neutralizer, wick the wick, on each still curved bigoudi, always making sure that all received the Neutralizing HairLife Cacho & Natural, even at the root. Wait an interval of 15 minutes and rinse with water, removing the bigoudis. Wash with a Novex shampoo of your choice and hydrate the strands. Finish with diffuser or as usual, avoiding the use of the comb.
  4. Root retouch:
    • Retouch: The time interval between application and retouch depends on hair growth - on average 60 days after application. Follow the previous application ritual, applying HairLife Cacho & Natural only to the root (part of the hair grown in this period, respecting 0.5 cm from the root) without spreading to the length and ends and without using the bigoudis.
Frequency of use
Straightening can be repeated every 60 days.

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