Thermal Protection Products

What is a Hair Thermal Protector?

The thermal protection is a component added to hair cosmetics that serves as a shield to protect hair from heat aggressions and damages. It should be used always and everytime before blow drying or ironing, and is indicated for all hair types, even healthy or thick.

The main component of hair cuticle is keratin, a tough and fibrous protein that holds at high temperatures. However, an excessive and continued use of heat on hair can cause a dehydration, dryness and even breakage. Those are some of the benefits of thermal protectors:

  • Work as a heat shield
  • Maintain natural moisture of hair
  • Protect natural keratin from hair cuticles
  • Help to detangle and style
  • Facilitate brushing and add shine
  • Prevent hair frizz

How to use

Thermal protection can be included in any type of product, it could be a shampoo, conditioner, mask, comb cream, etc. Depending on the product, the mode of use will be differently. However, the vast majority of thermal protection products come in the form of a serum, and we recommended to use like this:

  • After washing hair, apply the product from middle to ends
  • Leave it on
  • Proceed to use the dryer and iron
  • For better results, always use products of same range or brand

Thermal Protectors