Ends Repairer

What is an Ends Repairer?

The ends repairer is a concentrated product in oily texture specially created to repair and nourish damaged or dry hair tips, in a quickly and effectively way, providing healthy and shine to hair.

The hair ends are the older part of hair, so then it reflects the outcome of treatments, chemical processes or external aggressions suffered. Therefore hair ends need more care than the rest of the hair.

The ends repairer is the perfect medicine for damaged tips and it is suitable for all hair types, whether to repair or to prevent open or weak tips. Its function is to repair through. Its special components can penetrate the keratin layer of hair, filling cracks, conditioning, preventing and eliminating frizz.

How to use

  • It can be used even on dry or damp hair
  • Apply to the ends and leave it on
  • It is enough an amount of liquid on the size of a nut
  • Since the first application you may notice amazing results

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