What is Dryer and Detailer

What are the Driers and Irons for hair?

They are electrical devices used to comb hair or to activate and enhance hair treatments effects.

The hair dryer is very useful and necessary to dry the hair, especially in winter. And the iron helps to improve the styling, but is important to attempt using it in appropriate temperature according to hair type and color.

In any case, it is very important not to abuse the use of heat and always use a thermal protector product before drying and ironing hair to not damage keratin cuticle, because excessive or continued use of heat can dehydrate, dry and even break our hair.

How to use

  • After washing, use a towel to remove any water rest
  • Apply a thermal protector from means to ends
  • Respect a safe distance from 10 to 15 cm of hair
  • Direct the air flow of long hairline to tips
  • For sensitive or dry hair, prefer to use the dryer in its minimum temperature
  • If the dryer has a blow cold air button, use it to set the style
  • When hair is 100% dry, pass the iron from above towards the tips
  • Respect the right temperature according to hair type or treatment

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