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Brazil & Belleza - Smoothing products

When it comes to standards of beauty, Brazil has a lot to be comfortable with . From its high proportion of Victoria Secret Angel models to its renowned. Brazil is famous worldwide for its attractive population, part of the reason why the nation counts a huge cosmetic industry.

Best brands of beauty

These are the most mentioned brands in Brazil and with an excellent quality product.

Sol de Janeiro

Inspired by the natural confidence that Brazilian women perceive radiating and their healthy attitude of feeling comfortable with their skin on the beach.


Original of France, Natura Brazil is the brand of South America and was transformed into the most important Brazilian cosmetic manufacturer.

Surya Brasil

A company that has dedicated itself to the realization of natural and organic products with elements from sustainable origin. Surya Brasil uses native plants from Amazon and India like Cupuassu and henna. The result are rich smells and creamy textures with ideal products for both hair and body.

Cadiveu lastica do Fios

This is a Brazilian brand which offers a large range for hair products. One of the most famous hairstyles in Brazil among women is straight and long hair. Beauty and smoothing shop online.

Beauty Shop and Smoothing Online

Our Spanish company with considerable experience in the hair care, leader in their sector. We realize the importation of the best international and Brazilian hairdressing and cosmetic products, both for the professional using like domestic, and distributed to customers in Spain. Brasil & Belleza is specialized in professional products of Brazilian Botox capillary, keratin, straightening and other treatments for the hair. They choose in detail their products to provide natural, effective and current products of famous brands that follow the latest trends in beauty. The company prioritizes individual and personalized attention of each customer, helping them to choose at every moment those products that are most suited to their goals and needs. The goal is that customers get an integral satisfaction with Brasil & Belleza, from the recommendation and putting in contact, the buying and sending process, till the result of the using of the products.

Better prices for beauty products

Brasil & Belleza is a online shop which is specialized in the importation of the best Brazilian products. The most used cosmetic and hairdressing products in Brazil, directly at household and at the best price. This company is formed by hairstyle and cosmetic professionals. We have one physical store in Barcelona, moreover of that shop online where we take care of bringing you home the most professionals, trusted and innovative products in the Brazilian beauty world. We put to your disposition all the knowledge for you to know what’s the best for your hair, your beauty in general and also for your pocket.

Quality products for your hair

In order to keep a healthy and long-term mane, it must more than a good hygiene, we need to use high-quality products which offer the vitamins and nutrients necessary for your hair, it’s important otherwise your hair will break (the big enemy of hair.)

Argan Oil Conditioner and Shampoo

These products gently clean the hair without affecting the texture and color. Argan Oil feed and restore every type of hair for making it stronger and shining.

Repair the hair with our products

Treatment for the restoration of the humidity hair. We offer a special method with antioxidants that leaves hair manageable, strong and soft. Pantene is a one of the most famous brands for hair care. It leaves the necessary ingredients to keep the health of the hair.

Nourishing treatment without rinsing

This product hydrates, conditions and revitalizes the hair for keeping them strong and soft. There are special elements that fix till the deepest damages and make it like a new mane.

Extra virgin Coconut Oil

The extra virgin coconut oil favors hair, the immunity system and the skin. It’s totally natural and without refining, it offers directly the advantages of the coconut to feed the hair, and leaves it soft and shining. The organic and naturals products always turn out the best for our beauty and the nutrients of coconut offer fast and long-term results.

Original brazilian products for smoothing

Keratin Treatment in cream texture

This cream restore the structure of the damaged and ill-treated hair. Thanks to one keratin formula with BIO-R, that conditions the hair to leave it straighter and softer.

Brazilian Keratin Kit

This full kit offers a 4 to 5 months of deep smooth effect. It restores the damaged hair by continuous use of dyes. Soft Liss fix 90 % of the ill-treated hair strand. Its chocolate flavor is very nice, to leave the hair soft and with the shine you want. Soft Liss repara el 90% de la hebra maltratada. Su aroma a chocolate resulta muy agradable, para dejar el cabello suave y con el brillo que quieres.

Brazilian Keratin Treatment

This treatment gets rid of frizzy hair. It restores the damaged hair, decreasing volume and the frizzy hair. It offers softness and shine instantly.

Smoothing Shampoo

It’s a shampoo with a Brazilian formula that take care of the hair against the heat. It moistens the hair sealed strand by strand, to leave a shiny and soft hair, thanks to the enriched proteins effect