Hair Dye

What is an Ammonia-free Dye?

It is the evolution of Hair Color technology. It is a permanent-type color with high holding power, with a very nutritional formula that provides maximum color and plus hydration. There are many benefits of using Ammonia-free Dye:

  • Visible improvement on the quality of the hair
  • Maximum color cover
  • Pleasant smell
  • Full coverage, even up to 100% in grey hair
  • More shine
  • It is compatible with Keratin Treatment and Smoothing
  • Do not damage hair

How to use?

  1. Put the dye into a non metal bowl
  2. Mix 50ml of dye with 75ml of activator
  3. For a super lightener effect use more quantity of activator
  4. To know which activator use and recommended time to clarify:
    • 0-1 tone: use activator 10 vol and exposure time of 20 minutes
    • 1-2 tones: use activator 20 vol and exposure time of 30 minutes
    • 2-3 tones: use activator 30 vol and exposure time of 40 minutes
    • +3 tones: use activator 40 vol and exposure time of 50 minutes
  5. Rinse it out to remove product

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