​​Keratin Treatment
Repair the strenght and shine of hair.

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Keratin treatment

If what we want is to make our hair a mouldable mane and free of frizz of knots and of all appearance that it remains shine and vitality, then choose the keratin treatment. This treatment that we can find in different presentations is the most wanted in the market for hair care, because of the efficacy of its results.

What is the keratin treatment?

It Is a treatment that favours the development of the protein of the keratin that is generally produces naturally, but it’s very sparsely, it is completed with capillary keratin, which helps us to keep our hair with a quantity of nutrients that strengthen it from the root to the peaks without track of mistreatment.

En Brasil & Belleza, we are experts in keratin treatments

In our shop online, we have the best information related to this treatment because undoubtedly our hair deserves it. The keratin treatment is a option of care and maintenance that restores and protect our capillary fibres which are constantly exposed to hair iron and hair dryers. This treatment stands out between the hair treatments to improve our hair in a impressive way. The shine, the softness, the balance in the hydration are the qualities that highlight from our hair after using these products, and not just any product, but one of quality, those that we offer in our shop. By taking advantage of the virtues offered by the keratin, it will no longer be necessary to constantly use fixatives or other chemicals to ensure that the hair remains without frizz. With this amazing treatment, our hair will restore and we will realize that our curly hair will become more and more loose and straight.

What is the treatment of keratin for?

You’ll be charmed to discover that the keratin treatment, serves to make our hair more manageable all types of hair particularly the frizz, wavy and curly hair. We know that the trend of the moment is using the straight hair and the keratin guarantee us to achieve this desire. More than earn points for our impeccable hair style with keratin hair treatment also earn health points for our scalp get the proteins and nutrients it contains.

Soft and silky hair at the keratin post-treatment

For all the persons that we strive to have soft, silky and brilliant hair, it’s important to know that with this treatment we won’t have to work so hard anymore, because it assures us to get what we both want and without the risk of ending up with excessively greasy hair. Moreover it permits to help our hair to remain in a good form in the midst of the change of the temperature of the environment. In other words, no matter how hot or cold is it; your hair can always be perfect. Here are the benefits of this type of product for your hair.

How I have to apply keratin to have a good results?

To ensure a good result with the application of the keratin, it’s essential to eliminate all kinds of impurity of our hair by using an anti-residues shampoo. This product will make easier the preparation of the hair to start the treatment. After having the hair free of residues, you have to use a towel or a hair dryer to dry it, making sure that our hair is able to reduce excess water. When the hair is completely dry, we apply the keratin.

Apply the treatment with pure keratin

For the application of the treatment, is it suggested to divide the hair by strands, so that we can take advantage of the product by using a brush that will facilitate distributing it from the root to the tips. Scattered all over the hair, we dry it with a hair dryer to an average temperature, and then we continue with the iron hair to be able to seal the treatment. Later, it’s important to consider that we will need a maximum of 48 hours with the product before being removed.

What we have to do to make the keratin last longer?

To make the keratin last longer, the best is to use a number of products that contain these amazing nourishing and high in vitamins compounds. Between these shampoos, masks and salt-free shampoos, we can ensure you that the product will last longer.