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Keratin maintenance

For a lot of women, the thrill of renewing our style is important, to update the look of our hair, it costs us a little bit to maintain the care so that the changes last. The same thing happens after we use keratin treatments and we are overlooked looking for ways to maintain its effects.

Take care of the hair after a keratin treatment

As we all consider ourselves supportive when working on our beauty, we share some tips to keep in mind when taking care of your hair once we have used keratin treatments to achieve a perfect straight. That moment that represent the after of the application of the keratin is crucial for our mane, so no wetting. Keeping it free at first is essential. First of all we must be aware that there is a very high probability that the treatment goes away from our hair at every wash. To solve this little inconvenient, it’s the free-salt shampoo that leaves our hair flawless but allows the continuity of the treatment as it does not remove it completely from the capillary fibres. Due to the power of the keratin product, what we recommend to ensure the care of the capillary fibres and the scalp is to avoid the use of dying products, because when you use it right after the indicated time you lose the hydration and widens the possibilities of irritation even of hair loss.

What do we have to do to make the keratin treatment last longer?

The best is that if we want to apply any other treatment that involves radical transformation in our hair; we must wait 3-4 weeks to continue giving good treatments to our hair, and ensure its health and its stability. Between other forms of hair care for after the application of keratin, there are the conditioners, the sun protectors, and other very important quantity of products that we will indicate in our store online, in addition to recommend you high-quality products according to your hair type, so we make sure you find the satisfaction by buying at the best prices. In our trips to the beach or the swimming pool, we must try not to expose our hair to the sea water and to the pool water. The sea water with the salt solution will aggressively remove the keratin and the pool water they usually treat with high amounts of chlorine mistreats the scalp and in the capillary fibres the protective layers are reduces.

Products to keep the keratin in the hair

The ones we recommend the most are the PH neutral shampoos that are the same shampoo popularly known as free-salt shampoo. We also recommend those that contain keratin. Using products that favour the hydration and nutrition of the hair is a form of keeping the keratin in the hair. Products such as hair masks for a permanent restoration; conditioners to earn ease after washing; as well as thermal protectors that prevent damage from causing exposure to extreme heat.

You need keratin maintenance to last your hair straight

Indeed, as keratin allows us to transform our hair with waves to a straight hair, it is essential to strengthen the effects of the product. The faithful application of the treatment every 3 or 4 months –depending of the state of the hair- will help to make your straightening more perfect every time. Our hair may be on the loose, soft, shiny, and fully manageable to wear without fear or worry.