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Straightening maintenance | Keep your straightening longer

All the women fight day after day to get the perfect product to help us to achieve a perfect straightening and when we find it uncertainly haunts us by not knowing how to care for our mane so that the results of the treatment remain visible in the time. For this, there is a number of interesting proposals destined to the straightening maintenance.

How to keep our keratin straightening?

When we have used straightening products made with keratin, the maintenance for hair care and also for the duration of the product in the capillary fibres, there is a series of advices that we can faithfully follow. As we said, in the case of the hair maintenance that has been straighten with keratin, the cares are rather particular. From the type of shampoo with which the hair should be washed until the frequency with which this action must be performed, it says a lot of the implications of its maintenance. In this space that we’ve been prepared for you, we will share some tips. To mantain the keratin straightening., you should make sure that the hair products you use don’t interfere with the prolonged effects of this protein. Because by interfering the effects of the protein you will lose the hydration and deep repair you have achieved.

Aftercare in the keratin straightening

After you’ve applied the straightening in your hair, you should know that for the straight to last you have to follow some rules. . Among the most important tips you should attend that after you apply the treatment you should wait a minimum of 72 hours to be able to wash your hair. This waiting time is crucial, because during these approximate times, the product is fixed more in the hair, after this fixing process that has been supported by the use of the dryer and the iron at an average temperature of 200 to 250 degrees Celsius, remembering that the degree of temperature will depend on the thickness of the hair fibre. After waiting 72 hours to wash the hair, wash the hair using a free-salt shampoo; since this type of product will take care of our hair fibres to be stripped completely of the treatment.

Shampoo to keep the keratin treatment

It is ideal to use this type of product because it reduces the chances of treatment lasting a short time. . Remember that the straightening will take effect from the root to the tips, but as your hair grows, it may be born with curly structure, so if you want, you can apply the treatment whenever you need. It is good to know that you must have a conditioner with powerful component. The conditioner is useful to apply it on the hair after every wash; this will help that the capillary fibres are looser, softer and more manageable when you brush your hair and this way you will avoid the fall of the hair caused by cracks in the strands. Don’t forget to have “under the sleeve” your thermal protector as you will use the dryer and iron to define the straight style that you like. If you don’t like using the iron and the dryer, you have nothing to worry about; with the keratin straightening this won’t be so necessary.

Take care of the mane after the straightening

The hair care topic is a very important issue and more after the straightening:
  • Try as much as you can to eliminate ribbons or braids from your hairstyle as it takes the looseness of your straight hair.
  • Don’t get your hair so wet outside the spaces of your due wash.
  • Don’t expose your mane to high degrees of heat as the damage could be very noticeable on your tips and on the opaque appearance of all the hair.