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The most important asset we have is time. Take advantage of yours intensely! Enjoy the smells and sensations that only this Keramax pack of nutrition and hydration can provide. With Amla Oil, Australian Aloe and Jojoba Oil. In a few minutes, get a clean, scented, soft and disciplined mane, like fresh from the haidressing. How much is your time worth?
Skafe Keramax is a bland imported by Brasil & Belleza with exclusive distribution in Spain and Portugal.
  • Reference: PCKM059
  • Brand: Skafe
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  • 1un Shampoo 300ml
  • 1un Conditioner 300ml
  • 1un Mask 350g
  • 1un Serum 200g
Dry, dehydrated and damaged hair.

Active ingredients
  • Australian Aloe: contains amino acids, vitamins and minerals that nourish and revitalize hair from the roots.
  • Jojoba Oil: deeply cleanses the hair and regulates the production of capillary sebum, contributing to healthy growth.
  • Amla Oil: stimulates hair growth, fights dandruff and prevents split ends.
  • Contains no salt
  • Cleanses, nourishes and hydrates deeply, replenishing the minerals and proteins necessary to avoid dehydration, wear and tear and dullness.
  • Promotes high conditioning and softness to the hair.
  • Revitalizes and seals the hair cuticle
Healthier, more flexible, shiny and super hydrated hair.

  1. Wash hair with the salt-free-shampoo. Rinse it out.
  2. Mix 1 dosis with some mask by strands and massage, let it act from 3 to 10 minutos with thermal cap. Rinse it out.
  3. Let it dry naturally or, for betters results, use a dryer
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