Maintenance pack Skafe Keramax Growth Explosion 5 products

Do you like a really long hair? Well, this is the treatment pack you were looking for. With Pepper, Biotin and D-Panthenol Keramax Growth Explosion penetrates the hair fiber quickly and deeply, replenishing the hair mass, accelerating nutrients and promoting a healthy and natural hair growth.
This is a product imported by Brasil & Belleza with exclusive distribution in Spain and Portugal.
  • Reference: PCKM074
  • Brand: Skafe
  • Availability: Available

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This pack includes a discount in the price respect to products separately.

  • 1un Shampoo 300ml
  • 1un Mask 350g
  • 1un Tonic 120ml
  • 1un Serum 200g
  • 1un Thermal cap
For all types of hair, especially fragile hair, matt and slow growth.

Active ingredients
  • Pepper: with antioxidant properties, it improves blood circulation of the scalp, promoting hair growth.
  • Biotin: vitamin that adds volume, controls frizz and strengthens hair, promoting healthy growth.
  • D-Panthenol: active that provides intense hydration and nutrition to the hair as well as protecting it from external aggressions.
  • This product does not contain salt (Sodium Chloride).
Hydrates deeply, promoting rapid and healthy growth.

Resistant, hydrated, rebuilt, strengthened, soft, healthy, rejuvenated hair with an extra shine.

    • Wash hair with Shampoo. Rinse it out.
    • Mix a quantity of a tap of tonic tap with some mask.
    • Wait 30 minutes with the thermal cap. Rinse it out.
    • Above wet hair, put some serum from medium to ends. Do not rinse.
    • Dry as you desire, for better resultes use a dryer.
    • Wash hair with the salt-free-shampoo. Rinse it out.
    • Use some mask by strands and massage, let it act from 3 to 10 minutos with thermal cap. Rinse it out.
    • Above wet hair, put some serum from medium to ends. Do not rinse.
    • Let it dry naturally or, for betters results, use a dryer
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