Maintenance pack Stratti Mango 2 products

The Mango and Wheat is a salt-free range of Stratti that is very effective in controlling unwanted frizz of frizzy and unruly hair. Thanks to its formula rich in vitamins, sugars, minerals, extracts of wheat and mango extract, gets effective and immediate results for hydration and volume control.
  • Reference: PCKM015
  • Brand: Stratti
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Sale price
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  • Shampoo 400ml
  • Mask 550g
Frizzy, frizzy and unruly hair.

Active ingredients
With mango extract, keratin and wheat protein.

Ideal to keep the volume of your hair controlled and restore the natural flexibility of the hair.

Hair are frizzy, hydrated and with smooth effect.

Directions and frequency of use
  1. Wash the hair with the Shampoo.
  2. Apply the mask, leave on for 2 minutes and rinse.
  3. Air dry or blow dry.
Follow the instructions of a maintenance pack of salt-free products.

See at the products tabs separately.

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