Ampoule Export Cacau Extra Straight C 15ml

A plus of smooth for your Export treatments!
Cocoa and concentrated keratin ampoule.
For all types of hair.
A plus smooth to enhance at its maximun the effects of the straightening.
Online sale is forbidden. Sold only to accredited professionals
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Why mix the Ampoule C with Export treatments?
  • Guaranteed results: extra straight hair
  • Ratio: 1 ampoule for 50g of treatment (Cacau, Coffee, Btox or Power Mask)
  • Extra straight hair in all types of hair
  • Online sale is forbidden and it is not sold on department stores or retail chains
  • Available in units or 12x15ml box
  • Amazing results from the first application
More information about the treatment:
  • Active Ingredients: Concentrated keratin and Cocoa
  • Indication: All hair types
  • Maintenance: To prolong the effects it is recommended to use the Export Home Care line for home care
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Before and after in Export Cacau
Before and after in Export Cacau
Before and after in Export Cacau
Export Cacau process