Mask Export Cacau Power Hydration Anti-yellow 1Kg

Finally a Professional Moisturization Treatment.
Professional treatment for moisturization and hair repair.
Professional hair mask easy to apply that nourishes and tones the hair.
For all types of hair for extra soft and shiny hair.
Online sale is forbidden. Sold only to accredited professionals, request info here.
  • Reference: 0618231536320
  • Brand: Export Cacau
  • Availability: Not Available Online
Why will Power Mask by Export be an indispensable product in your Salon?
  • All hairdressing professionals are looking for an effective moisturization that is noticed in the first application
  • With the Power Mask you easily get results of hydration, nutrition and repair of dry and damaged hair
  • Shades but does not moify hair color and replenishes hair mass
  • It controls frizz and moisturizes deeply
  • Extra soft and shiny hair in all hair types
  • Prolongs the effect of all Export treatments
  • Online sale is forbidden and it is not sold in department stores or retail chains
  • The professionals who use it are satisfied and do not change it for another!
More information about the treatment:
  • Active ingredients: Cocoa and Violet Pigments
  • Indication: For all hair types but especially for damaged or dyed hair
  • Action: Improves the tone of white hair platinum, bleached and natural blond, neutralizing the yellow color thus avoiding the aged appearance. Moisturizes, nourishes, repairs, controls frizz and provides softness and shine
  • Maintenance: To prolong the effect it is recommended to use the Home Care line line for home maintenance
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