Kit Hair Botox Export Cacau BTox Biomolecular 2x1Kg

Hair Botox With Mirror Shine
Spectacular shine and extra soft mane
For all hair types
Keratin, castor oil and 18k gold
Antifrizz treatment
Special for events
Online sale is forbidden. Sold only to accredited professionals
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  • Reference: KIT017
  • Brand: Export Cacau
  • Availability: Not Available Online

Why introduce Export Biomolecular Btox in your Salon?
  • Guaranteed results: shiny and silky hair in 2 steps, you've never seen such a glow!
  • Convenient and easy to apply in 2 steps
  • Super cost-effective: approx. 30g per application
  • Online sale is forbidden and it is not sold on department stores or retail chains
  • Available in: 2x250g and 2x1kg
  • The Home Care line is only sold in salons (not in stores or distributors)
  • The professionals who use it are satisfied and do not exchange it for another!
More information about treatment:
  • Active Ingredients: Keratin, Castor Oil and 18k Gold.
  • Indication: All hair types.
  • Action: It works by introduction and replacement of amino acids, melanin and cysteine in the cortex of the hair. Through the introduction of nutrients, the capillary structure is reorganized and realigned, eliminating rebellious frizz and leaving hair very soft and shiny.
  • Result: Recovered hair with anincredibly soft texture without frizz and mirror shine.
  • Maintenance: To prolong the effect it is recommended to use the Export Home Care line line for home maintenance
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Before & After Export Btox
Before & After Export Btox