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Conditioner Stratti Lime freshness & balance with keratin 300ml

4.99 7.99 -37%

The Lime and Keratin Conditioner 300ml smoothes the hair without greasing or crushing and deeply hydrates means and dry ends. For best results we recommend the use of the full range of Lime Stratti.


Maintenance pack Stratti Lime freshness & balance 3 products

14.98 29.97 -50%

Stratti Lime and Keratin is a salt-free range that provides an astringent effect in the root and balanced hydration to tips. Generate a feeling of freshness from the first wash.


Mask Stratti Lime freshness & balance with keratin 550g


The Lime and Keratin Mask 550gr deep moisturize and repair oily hair with dry ends. Use the complete Lime line for best results.


Shampoo Stratti Lime freshness & balance with keratin salt-free 400ml


The Lime and Keratin Shampoo 400mlprovides an intensive and fresh cleaning and balancing care to the oily hair with dry tips. Thanks to the astringent and antiseptic properties of extract of Lime, the scalp stays clean and balanced, preventing the excess fat.