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Inseparable companion of shampoo, hair conditioner is the food your hair needs. It acts on hair cuticle, forming a film that keeps hair hydrated, with no frizz nor breackage.

Conditioner Amazon Keratin Passion Fruit salt-free 118ml

5.99 12.98 Special Price
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Conditioner Amend Straight for 5 days 250ml

6.99 13.90 Special Price

Conditioner Haskell Amethyst Anti-yellow 300ml

6.99 11.50 Special Price

Conditioner Ocean Hair Hydrativit Nutritive 1L

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Conditioner Ocean Hair Hydrativit Nutritive 300ml

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Conditioner Ocean Hair Shine Protein Liss 250ml

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Conditioner Stratti Ojon & Keratin 300ml

2.99 8.62 Special Price