Conditioner Export Cacau Home Care 260ml

The best products for your Salon.
The best home maintenance kit has arrived: Home Care.
Shampoo and conditioning mask for daily wash at home.
For all types of hair.
Prolongs the effects of all Export treatments.
Hair without frizz, very soft and shiny.
Online sale is forbidden. Sold only to accredited professionals, request info here.
  • Reference: 7898597481097
  • Brand: Export Cacau
  • Availability: Not Available Online

¿Why sell Export Home Care in your Salon?
  • Guaranteed results: hair without frizz, very soft and shiny
  • It is a line only sold in Beauty Salons (not shops or distributors)
  • Salt-free Shampoo with deep cleaning power
  • Conditioner that instantly detangles and hydrates
  • Frizz-free hair, very soft and shiny in all types of hair
  • Online sale is forbidden and it is not sold in department stores or retail chains
  • Available in: 2x260ml
More information about the treatment:
  • Active Ingredients: Keratin, D-panthenol, Cocoa y amino acids.
  • Indication: For all hair types
  • Method of use: Follow the method of use of the hair conditioner.

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