Hair oil Skafe Natutrat Coconut 100% vegan 60ml

Coconut Oil Natutrat S.O.S. nourishes and protects hair from being damaged by chlorine, salt, pollution and the sun, acting on the inner layer of the hair.
Formulated with 100% vegetable oil!
This is a product imported by Brasil & Belleza with exclusive distribution in Spain and Portugal.
  • Reference: 7898658620038
  • Brand: Skafe
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87.38 €/Kg

For all types of hair, especially dry and frizzy.

Active ingredients
  • Coconut Oil: hydrating par excellence, high in nutrients that restore shine and softness to the hair. Protects against external damage and can help treat dandruff.
  • Contains no salt
  • Seals the strands, giving shine and life to the hair by closing and aligning the scales.
  • Penetrates the depths of the hair, hydrating it completely.
  • Helps the dye adhere to the hair, resulting in a longer oxidation time of the color.
Silky, hydrated and protected hair.

60ml resistant bottle with screw cap.

Directions of use
Follow the instructions for use of hair oil

Frequency of use
It can be used daily.

Glycine, Soja Oil, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Benzyl Benzoate, Parfum, BHT, Benzyl Salicylate, Coumarin, Cinnamyl Alcohol.

More information
This brand does not test on animals. All the products are without salt and suitable for a good maintenance of the Straightening Treatment, Capillary Botox or Keratin.