Treatment pack Elgon Infusion Supreme 4 products

The Infusion concentrates Elgon provide you intense and personalized treatments , taking into account the needs of your client. In each service a unique result .
  • Reference: PCKT032
  • Brand: Elgon
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Offer for This pack contains a discount compared to the separate products.

  • 1un Concentrate Elgon Infusion Supreme Density 100ml
  • 1un Elgon Infusion Supreme Shine Concentrate 100ml
  • 1un Concentrate Elgon Infusion Supreme Ntrition 100ml
  • 1un Concentrated Elgon Infusion Base Cream 10x5ml
Indicated for damaged, fine, mistreated, dull and dull hair.

Active ingredients
    • Panthenol- provides nutrients and hydration and protects hair from external agents.
    • Redoxin 2.0- complex based on hyaluronic acid and vegetable keratin, together they strengthen the hair
    • Liposomes- maximizes the effect of the active ingredients
    • Ceramides- repairs and renews the hair fiber, protects it and keeps it hydrated
    • Witch hazel extract- antioxidant
    • Modified silicones - add shine
    • Acácia collagen- hydrates and protects it with a film
    • Polymer filler - adds body to the hair
They provide shine, body and nutrients to the hair.

Healthy, shiny and easy-to-style nourished hair.

Resistant plastic jar and lids. Contains 5ml of product. Creamy texture.

  • Wash hair with Delicate Elgon shampoo.
  • Choose the most suitable concentrate for the type of hair
  • Add 5ml of the concentrate to the base cream, shake well.
  • Apply all over the hair.
  • Leave to act for 5 minutes. Clarify
  • Dry and iron.
See in the product sheets separately.