Treatment pack Elgon Infusion Supreme 4 products

The Infusion concentrates Elgon provide you intense and personalized treatments, taking into account the needs of your client.
In each service a unique result.
  • Reference: PCKT032
  • Brand: Elgon
  • Availability: Unavailable
Offer This pack contains a discount compared to the separate products.

  • 1un Concentrate Elgon Infusion Supreme Density 100ml
  • 1un Elgon Infusion Supreme Shine Concentrate 100ml
  • 1un Concentrate Elgon Infusion Supreme Ntrition 100ml
  • 1un Concentrated Elgon Infusion Base Cream 10x5ml
Indicated for damaged, fine, mistreated, dull and dull hair.

Active ingredients
  • Panthenol: provides nutrients, hydration and protects the hair from external agents.
  • Redoxin 2.0: complex based on hyaluronic acid and vegetable keratin that together strengthen the hair
  • Liposomes: maximize the effect of active ingredients
  • Ceramides: repair and renew the hair fiber, protect it and keep it hydrated
  • Witch hazel extract: antioxidant
  • Modified silicones: add shine
  • Acacia collagen: moisturizes and protects it with a film
  • Filling polymer: gives hair body
They provide shine, body and nutrients to the hair.

Healthy, shiny and easy-to-style nourished hair.

Resistant plastic jar and lids. Contains 5ml of product. Creamy texture.

  1. Wash hair with an Elgon shampoo.
  2. Choose the most suitable concentrate for the type of hair
  3. Add 5ml of the concentrate to the base cream, shake well.
  4. Apply all over the hair.
  5. Leave to act for 5 minutes. Clarify
  6. Dry and iron.
See in the product sheets separately.