Conditioner Novex Olive Oil 300ml

The conditioner associates the power of bamboo vegetable marrow with the revitalization of strength of algae in antifrizz, it’s a formula that moisturizes, protects y reduces the effects of sun, wind and pollution. Enrichs in Pro-Vitamin B5, brings strength, flexibility to weak and brittle hair. The Botica Algas’ range stimules the circulation in the scalp, strengthening weak and brittle hair. Treatment of strength and resistance to hair.
  • Reference: 876120002725
  • Brand: Embelleze
  • Availability: Unavailable

Weak and brittle hair.

Actives ingredients
  • Olive: brings a deep hydration, provides nutrition and protection in a natural and effective way
  • Bamboo: mucilages powerful source, minerals, amino acids and cellulosic polymers. Restores hair, improves texture without removing the volume
  • Seaweeds: stimulate circulation in the scalp, activate microcirculation and increase hair strength
  • Pro-vitamin B5: acts directly in the scalp and the capillary fiber. It helps repair damage caused by chemical treatments and external aggressions
  • No contains sodium chloride
Hydrates, protects and reduces the effects of sun, wind and pollution.

More resistant and flexible hair.

Resistant plastic pot, with a dispenser, a creamy texture and refreshing smell. 250 ml capacity.

Methods and frequency of use
Follow the instructions of the conditioner.

More informations
This brand isnt tested on animals.