Treatment cape Ocean Hair Tools golden with brand logo

Professional hairdressing cape in gold tone so that your clients dazzle when entering the salon.
Ocean Hair, the Brazilian brand serving the needs of the most demanding and detailed stylists.
  • Reference: ocean-hair-capa
  • Brand: Ocean Hair
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  • UNIVERSAL SIZE : for all audiences, children and adults thanks to its clip buttons that allow you to easily adjust the necessary measure.
  • VERSATILE USE : it is used for cutting, coloring, bleaching, straightening or any other hair treatment.
  • LIGHT FABRIC : it is very comfortable and completely protects the client from stains and cut hair.
Ideal to avoid stains or freshly cut hair on the client.

Golden in color and in a lightweight fabric measuring 150X120cm.

Method of use
Place and adjust the necessary measure for each client before any service offered in the salon.