Leave-in Gota Dourada anti-loss, anti-dandruff and anti-breakage 320ml

The Strengthening Range of Gota Dourada contains in its formula Garlic and Aloe Vera extracts, important elements to provide the healthy growth of the hair. The Garlic acts directly in the roots strengthening the hair and preventing the loss, and the Aloe Vera besides being very moisturizing, helps in the anti-loss treatment. The Strengthening Ends Repairer 30ml of Gota Dourada is indicated to moisturize and restore damaged hair from the middle to the ends, restoring and preventing split ends. Use the complete Strengthening range for best results.
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  • Brand: Gota Dourada
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118.75 €/Kg

Apply the product from middle to ends on wet or dry hair. It is recommended to use it daily.