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Vitablack's Coconut Oil range provides deep hydration to extremely dry and lifeless hair. Contains in its formula coconut oil and keratin that restore shine and vitality to the hair. Protects the hair fiber.
  • Reference: PCKM050
  • Brand: VitaBlack
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  • Shampoo 400ml
  • Mask 500g
  • Curl activator 400ml
  • Ointment 250g
  • Oil 150ml
Extremely dry hair, lifeless and acts to prevent dandruff.

Active ingredients
With coconut oil and keratin. It does not contain salt, sulfates or parabens.

  • Reconstructs and deeply nourishes the hair
  • Protects the hair fiber
  • Shine and anti-frizz effect
  • Acts in the prevention of dandruff
Shiny, hydrating, silky hair with defined curls.

Directions and frequency of use
  1. Wash hair with shampoo and rinse
  2. Apply a measure of mask from medium to ends
  3. Leave on for 3 minutes for the product to penetrate the fiber and rinse
  4. Apply the activator from the middle to the ends, shaping the curls
  5. Apply the ointment on the activator to fix the curl
  6. Finish as desired, with or without heat
Ingredients for See in the product sheets separately.

More information
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