Treatment Kit Skafe Toning Masks Keramax Colors 4x350g

Kit of toning masks to intensify and revive the hair color. Thanks to its ingredients it is able to restore all the warmth and shine of the hair tones, hydrates and nourishes deeply to give hair silkiness and consistency for longer.
This is a product imported by Brasil & Belleza with exclusive distribution in Spain and Portugal.
  • Referencia: KIT019
  • Marca: Skafe
  • Disponibilidad: Envío Inmediato

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26.65 €/Kg


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Sale price
This pack includes a discount in the price respect to products separately.

  • 1un Toning Mask Violet 350g
  • 1un Toning Mask Red 350g
  • 1un Toning Mask Marsala 350g
  • 1un Toning Mask Black 350g
Indicated for all tones of hair.

Active ingredients
  • Developed with amino acids and special pigments.
  • It does not contain oxidants, so as not to attack the hair fiber.
  • Protects the color integrity of dark reddish hair increasing its durability.
  • Hydrates, nourishes and provides an intense shine.
  • Intensifies the tones of the hair.
More intense, shiny, deep, hydrated and nourished hair.

Directions and frequency of use
  1. Use gloves for its application. Contains strong pigments, can stain hands and clothing.
  2. Wash the hair with a shampoo without salt, preferably Keramax, and rinse.
  3. Remove moisture with a towel.
  4. On damp hair, apply the putty with the help of a medium-to-tip pad evenly, massaging lock by lock gently.
  5. Leave to act for 20 minutes without a heat source and rinse.
  6. Check every 5 minutes that the shade achieved is the desired one.
  7. The amount to be applied will depend on the amount and length of the hair.
  8. Learn more about hair mask.
  9. It can be used every 15 days.
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