Treatment pack Sennte B.TOX Matting Micellar 5 products

Organic smoothing and repairing treatment with no formaldehydes. Your hair deserves to try B.Tox: an intensive and efficient treatment to restore the life and beauty of the mane. 100% safe and organic: repairs, hydrates, nourishes and provides a long-lasting smooth and frizz-free effect. It comes with Beauty routine products of Micellar technology to detox your hair . Join the Sennte Organic Revolution: solution and respectful products for a visible and safe improvement of your hair.
  • Reference: PCKT047
  • Brand: Hidran
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  • 1un Hair Botox 300g
  • 1un Shampoo 300ml
  • 1un Mask 300g
  • 1un Serum 300ml
  • 1un Thermal Cap
All hair types, especially weak and slow-growing hair.

Active ingredients
  • Keratin
  • D-Panthenol
  • Murumuru Butter
  • Polyhydroxy acids (PHA)
  • Organic acids (acetic, malic, gluconic, citric and tartaric)
  • Natural antioxidants (flavonoids)
  • Arginine
  • This is a salt-free product
  • Provides intense shine and reduces frizz.
  • Leaves hair stronger, smoother and totally sealed in its cuticles.
  • Promotes mega hydration.
  • Provides a long-lasting smooth.
  • Restores hair health and beauty.
  • Seals cuticles, improves texture, eliminates frizz and adds incomparable shine.
Straight hair for longer. Healthy, natural, clean hair.

Directions and frequency of use
    • Wash hair with an anti-residue or salt-free shampoo.
    • Dry approximately 80% of the hair with a dryer.
    • Divide the hair into 4 parts and apply Hair B.T.X. strand by strand.
    • Align the hair with a fine comb, from top to bottom.
    • Leave on for 30 minutes then wash completely
    • Dry with a dryer.
    • Pass the iron 6-8 times per strand, wait for the hair to cool.
    • Wash with the Salt-free Shampoo.
    • Then use the ADN Plants Mask for moisturize the hair and rinse.
    • On wet hair, apply the Serum. Do not rinse.
    • Dry with a dryer and iron, finish you prefer (optional).
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