Maintenance Pack ​Keramax Keratin Intense Liss 3 products

With the passage of time, hair that goes through a Brazilian straightening or Japanese straightening begins to suffer 2 effects: oiliness on the scalp and dry ends.
The Intense Smooth Line of Keramax works exactly on these two points, eliminating excess oil at the root, leaving hair cleaner for longer.

  • Reference: PCKM001
  • Brand: Skafe
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38.66 €/Kg

The combination of Keratin with Quinoa-Pro acts inside the hair fiber, repairing and protecting the hair against new aggressions and unifying the cuticles, moisturizing the ends. It also recovers the elasticity of the hair after the action of perms, permanent straightening and progressive straightening.

Sale price
This pack includes in the price a discount respect to products separately.

  • 1un Shampoo 300ml
  • 1un Mask 300g
  • 1un Serum 150ml
15 Benefits of Keramax Easy Smooth
  1. Smooth effect for up to 3 days.
  2. The more you use it, the smoother your hair becomes.
  3. Moisturizing action.
  4. Maximum keratin load.
  5. Repairing and anti-ageing action.
  6. With sun filter.
  7. Thermal protection.
  8. Eliminates frizz.
  9. Without chemicals.
  10. For all hair types.
  11. Repairs double ends.
  12. Blocks moisture from the air.
  13. Promotes softness.
  14. Gives shine.
  15. Anti-damage sealant.
Straightened hair greasy at the root and dry at the ends.

Active ingredients
  • Keratin
  • Quinoa-Pro
  • This product does not contain salt (Sodium Chloride).
It acts inside the hair fiber, repairing and protecting the hair against new aggressions, unifying the cuticles and moisturizing the ends.

Hair without frizz, with natural smooth effect for longer and extra shine.

Plastic pot, pearlescent creamy texture, very soft and very fine, so that the moment of mosturizing is unique and pleasant. Contains 250g of product.

Directions and frequency of use
Follow the instructions of a maintenance pack of salt-free products.

See at the products tabs separately.

More info
This brand does not test its products in animals.