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Versatyliss is a revolutionary smoothing system produced in Rio de Janeiro that achieves a smooth and natural smooth in only 2 steps . The result is a smooth and durable for all types of hair with just 2 steps, easy, fast and simple procedure!

This pack comes with Salt-free Shampoo, Mask, Thermal Cap, Leave-in Cream and Keratin Charge to maintain liss effects for much longer smooth effects.
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  • Brand: Hidran
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24.28 €/Kg

You will no longer need to waste hours at the hairdresser to have beautiful hair, with intense shine, without frizz and without volume!
With the powerful action of 3 ingredientes, the Violet Pigments that avoid the yellow of blond hair, the Hydrolyzed Keratin very concentrated and with micro molecules, which is capable of acting all hair layers, even in the most internal, and with D-Panthenol ingredient that promotes mega hydration, shine and softness to the hair, improves the texture and the conditions of the damaged hair, leaving them with more life and beauty.
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  • Brazilian Straightening Kit 200ml
  • Thermal Cap
  • Salt-free Shampoo 250ml
  • Mask 250g
  • Serum 250ml
  • Keratin Charge 50g
It can be used on all types of hair, even dyed, previously straightened or with highlights.
In any case, to be straightened the hair must be healthy and in perfect condition.
If the hair is very damaged, weak or broken, it is better to do a keratin treatment to strengthen it before straightening.

Active ingredients
  • Keratin.
  • Pantenol.
  • This product does not contain formaldehyde.

ts heat-activated formula penetrates the hair fibre, smoothes and moisturises it immediately and with a long-lasting effect.

Hair without frizz, with natural smooth effect and extra shine.

  1. StrandTest :
    Before using the product, always do the wick test because that helps to evaluate if the hair has conditions to receive the smoothing treatment. To do this, separate 3 strands, one on the right front, one on the left front and one on top of the head. With a brush, apply a small amount of the straightening of the root to the tips and wait 20 minutes, looking at every 5 minutes the texture of the hair. Dry with a dryer (100%) and iron 6 times. If this part of the hair is porous or brittle, it is better to opt for a keratin treatment or reconstruction beforehand in order to have more resistant hair for the use of hair straightening. If on the other hand, the hair resist, it is possible to continue with the straightening.

  2. Anti-residue Shampoo :
    • Wash the hair with the shampoo to remove all the oiliness and residues of hair combs and seruns.
    • Rinse with plenty of water to remove the product. If necessary, wash again with the shampoo.
    • Dry 100% of hair with dryer.
    • Comb with a comb with long teeth and divide the hair into 4 equal parts.

  3. Smoothing :
    • Put on gloves Apply the smoothing with a paletina for the entire extension of the hair, from the root to the tips, strand by strand.
    • Align the hair with a fine comb to ensure that there are products throughout the lock.
    • Avoid excess product in the hair, because it can make brushing and ironing difficult (it is normal to feel heavy hair in the brushing process).
    • Leave on for 20 minutes. DO NOT LET MORE TIME.
    • DO NOT WASH.
    • Make a smooth brushing with dryer and thermal brush.
    • Pass the iron at 200 degrees C 6 - 9 times along the length of the hair, by very fine wicks (this step is essential for a good result of the straightening).
    • Wait 15 minutes for the hair to cool.
    • Rinse with plenty of warm water to remove all the product, massaging the wicks and the scalp.
  1. After 7 days of applying the Kit it is time to use the Keratin Charge.
  2. On clean hair, apply the Keratin Charge on the strands.
  3. Wait 15 minutes with the thermal cap.
  4. Rinse the hair and blow-dry at high temperature.
  5. For a better result, finish with the iron by fine strands.
  6. Finalize with Ends Repaires to better results.
  • Wash with the Salt-free Shampoo.
  • Then use the Mask for moisturize the hair and rinse.
  • Then use the Serum. Do not rinse.
Frequency of use:
It can be repeated every 45 days.

See at the products tabs separately.

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