Polvo Decolorante Ocean Hair Gris Ultra Rápido 400g

The first and the unique Bleaching Grey Powder of the cosmetic market. Contains purple y grey pigments to eliminate the yellowing and realize a platinum effect. Ideal for blond hair but can be used for any hair colour.
With a maximum opening power of cuticles, this innovator powder opens up to 9 tones without damaging the hair, bringing the trend of colours y cold tones for platinum hair.
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  • Brand: Ocean Hair
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The difference with the other bleaching powders is its super-fast action and its composition with a maximum of Keratin, who permits more security to the hairdresser and his client, in addition to saving time considerably in discoloration. Try it and you will not want any other way to bleach hair!
Products only for a professional use.

Ideal for blond hair but can be used for all hair colour that is healthy for a discoloration process.

Active ingredients
  • Keratin: diminishes the damages risk during the discoloration process.
  • Purple and grey pigments: eliminate the yellowing and realize a platinum effect. Furthermore, grey pigments neutralize and clean the hair’ tone avoiding orange or yellow client tones.
  • Free of petrolatum
  • Magnesium stearate: aid in ultra-fast opening of tones without mistreating the hair.
  • Dust free: does not raise dust in the air.
Discoloration action ultra-fast opens up to nine tones.

Hair with secure bleaching, platinum cold color and perfect tones ultra-fast.

  • Plastic Bottle.
  • Grey powder.
  • Does not contains a strong odor.
  1. Touch Test: Prepare a small amount of product and apply to the forearm or behind the ear. Wait 45 minutes and rinse. If there is no irritation within 24 hours, the product may be applied.
  2. Strand Test: Mix a little of the product and apply on a fine wick of hair on the top of the head, let it act for the time of action indicated and wash the wick. If the hair breaks or there is heating, it is a sign that you are not in conditions for the use of the product. Use the mixture during the 10 minutes of preparation. If there is no reaction to the product, it can be used.
  3. In a non-metallic container, place a measure (50g) of the powder and add 100 ml of hydrogen peroxide of 20, 30 or 40 volumes. Mix until a homogeneous mass is formed. Apply on the strands, reflections or bilayers according to the technique of the professional. Use gloves.
  4. For the total discoloration it is recommended to place a measure (50g) and add 150ml of Hydrogen Peroxide of 20,30 or 40 volumes starting the application in the nape of the neck or in the darkest parts
  5. Pause Time: Control the function of the desired degree of whitening. After the action time, rinse thoroughly.
  6. Note: Strictly follow the instructions for use. Do not expose to sunlight during application. May cause allergic reaction. Perform touch test and wick test. This product should be used for the purpose for which it is intended, being DANGEROUS for any other use. EXTERNAL USE Caution! Contains substances that may cause skin irritation. Do not apply to eyebrows or eyelashes. This product should not be used before or after any type of chemical treatment, such as dyeing, progressive based on metallic salts, permanent or smoothing. Improper use of this product can cause damage to the body. Do not reuse the container. The use or application of this product in pregnant women and infants is not recommended. Do not use on children. Do not apply if the scalp is irritated or injured. In case of contact with eyes or mucous membranes, flush immediately with plenty of water until product is completely removed and, if necessary, seek medical advice. Keep the product out of the reach of children. Contains Ammonia.
Magnesium carbonate, magnesium trisilicate, paraffinum liquidum, potassium persulfate, sodium stearate, ammonium persulfate, sodium sillicate, sodium laureth sulfate, silica, cyamopsis tetragonolobus gum, tetrasodium EDTA, parfum, Cl 77499, xanthan gum, keratin, linalool.

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