Protective Visor for the Face Unisex Color Black

Flexible and comfortable visor, it adjusts to both women and men and is compatible with almost any shape and size of head. Perfect for use in barbershops and beauty salons.
  • Reference: 11131113
  • Brand: Eurostil
  • Availability: Available

999.00 €/Kg

  • FLEXIBLE: As a one-size-fits-all model it is compatible with almost any head shape and size.
  • COMFORTABLE: The integrated sweatband on the forehead and the anti-fog coating on the inside increase comfort during long periods of use.
  • HYGIENIC PROTECTION: Face shields are recommended by many institutions to minimize the risk of self and other infections, better in combination with a mask.
  • AREAS OF APPLICATION: Perfect for use in hairdressing and beauty salons, by doctors and in hospitals or for private use in cases of infection.
1 visor

Method of use
Put it on the head and adjust it.