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The split ends repair is a concentrate and daily use product that recovers damaged ends. Repair your hair with the best products, the best price and the best quality.

Hair ends repairer Gold Black Nutritive shine & softness 30ml


The Gold Black Keratin Nutritive Ends Repair 30ml helps control split ends.


Ends repairer Hidran Keratin Restoration, Shine and Antifrizz action 30ml


Open hair ends, dried or without brightness? Hydran offers you the solution: a concentrate ends repairer that does not oil and with hydrolyzed keratin that can be quickly absorbed by hair. With a touch of silk wrap the tips of your hair for a smooth repair and immediate shine. With the purest Keratin, this product can be used as a serum daily from half to ends of dry hair or as an antifrizz finisher after the use of the dryer and / or iron. Spectacular!


Serum Vitablack Coconut Oil Hair Oil deep revitalization 100% natural 150ml


The Capillary Coconut Oil Vitablackis 100% natural and has moisturizing and nourishing properties, it avoids the dryness by protecting the capillary fiber and it provides vitality to the hair giving it sheen and smoothness.


Serum Vitablack Loc System Hair Oil with baoba oil & castor oil plant 150ml


The Loc System is an innovative method that consists in 4 stages. It has in its formula Castor Oil and Baobab Oil, providing hydration and revitalization to dry hair (independent of being straight, wavy or with frizziness).

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Hair ends repairer Gota Dourada Keratin Recharge 30ml


The Keratin Recharge Ends Repairer 30ml is indicated to moisturize and seal split ends and damaged cuticles of weak hair. For best results, it is recommended to use the Keratin Recharge complete range.


Ends repairer Novex Keratin Brazilian 30ml


Powerful reparative serum that seals open or split ends, adds shine, strengthening and controlling frizz. Ideal to finish any style and repair ends as an everyday use.
Do you want to revive your hair? The Brazilian keratin range from Novex brings new life to you hair. Naturally cleanses the hair, leaving a feeling of softness and shine. Formulated with keratin that guarantees the complete food in the hair, leaving it always full of life, silky and shiny.


Hair ends repairer Novex Nutrire Bamboo strength & growth 30ml


With pure Bamboo Sprout, this ens repairer garantee strength and vitality to hair, acting directly over hair cuticles and fragile ends. Rich in preoteins, vitamins, amino acids and mineral salt, reestructures hair fiber and eliminates damaged and split ends ands frizz.


Serum Uniq One Coconut All in One hair treatment 10 benefits 150ml

7.99 10.99 -27%

This product is everything your hair needs at this time of year, when it's more exposed to sun, chlorine, seawater and high temperatures. Experience its fresh coconut fragrance with hints of toasted hazelnut and vanilla.


Ends serum Haskell Horse Strength hair growth 40ml


The Horse Strength range is the biggest success and sales leader of the Haskell brand in Brazil, along with the Cassava range. It has special active compounds that have an action directed to the strengthening and growth of the hair and promotes intense brightness. In addition, this line reduces the risk of tip breakage, rebuilds and strengthens the internal structure of the hair fiber, promoting deep repair and helping restore the natural strength of hair.


Spray Easy Straight ​Keramax Keratin Intense Liss 3 Days 150ml

7.99 12.98 -38%

With the passage of time, hair that goes through a Brazilian straightening or Japanese straightening begins to suffer 2 effects: oiliness on the scalp and dry ends.
The Intense Smooth Line of Keramax works exactly on these two points, eliminating excess oil at the root, leaving hair cleaner for longer.

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Serum Ocean Hair Hydrativit Luminosity Perfume for Hair 30ml


Made with bestest silicones extracted from Vegetable Extracts, Solar Filter and Vitamin A and E. The Luminosity Serum is petrolatum-free and has anti-odor formula, which neutralizes unwanted odors obtained through pollution, cigarette and smoke. Besides having sun and heat protection and repair the double ends, this Serum also controls the frizz in the strands leaving the hair behaved and soft.


Serum Haskell Total Repair milk 300ml


This product untangles very harsh or difficult hair to comb due to excessive use of chemicals or dyes. Pass the serum, comb with your fingers, incredible the capacity of combing that this serum!


Serum Amend Discipline Liss antifrizz with hazelnut oil and camelina 90ml


The Discipline Liss Serum 90ml makes brushing easier and protect hair from damage caused by hair dryers or irons. Use the complete line for best results.

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Serum ​Keramax Argan and Keratin Hydration 45ml


Argan Oil is a natural product extracted from the nuts of Argan, a tree found only in southern Morocco. Keramax Argan Oil protects the hair from external actions, prevents split ends and does not weigh on the hair, as it is absorbed quickly without leaving the hair greasy.
The keratin present in its formula reconstructs the threads and guarantees extreme softness. It hydrates and rejuvenates the threads, protecting them against drying caused by chemical agents, gives shine and controls frizz.