Hair ends repairer Gota Dourada Straightened hair with argan & moringa 30ml

Range specially developed to maintain the smooth effect, strengthen and nourish hair with keratin treatment or straightening.
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  • Brand: Gota Dourada
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66.00 €/Kg

Indication : straightened hair, frizzy and weak.

Active ingredients : strengthening formula with Argan Oil rich in omega &, high concentration of vitamin E and Moringa Oil. It is free of Salt (Sodium Chloride), Silicones and Parabens.

Action : intensive repair of ends, preventing it from splitting.

Results : straight hair for longer, with incredible shine, very moisturized and natural.

Presentation : plastic pot with a fine tip for dispensing that contains 100ml of product.

Directions and info: Follow the instructions of a capillary blister or concentrated tonic and its benefits for the hair.

Frequency of use: it is recommended to use it daily, on dry or damp hair, even more than once a day if necessary.

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