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The Keramax Hair Reconstruction line is indicated for treating and recovering hair damaged by chemical processes.
Thanks to the combination of maximum load of keratin, royal jelly and creatine, a deep reconstruction of the hair is achieved, from the inside out, providing maximum hydration and an effect of softness and shine, eliminating frizz instantly! This is the express powerful keratin treatment for restoring strength and vitality to damaged, thick or color-treated hair.
It eliminates frizz, reduces split ends, strengthens and hydrates in depth, resulting in a spectacular shine that only this treatment can bring to your hair.
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  • 1un Shampoo 250ml
  • 1un Charge 120ml
  • 1un Serum 250ml
  • 1un Thermal Cap
All types of hair, but it is especially indicated for hair that is fragile, frizzy and damaged by chemical processes, such as straightening, dyeing, bleaching, etc.

Active ingredients
  • Royal Jelly: One of the richest substances found in nature. Its composition has more than 100 types of elements, vitamins, mineral salts and amino acids that provides strength, shine and rejuvenation of the hair.
  • Keratin: Protein that keeps hair soft, silky and shiny.
  • Creatine: Protein that stimulates the energetic metabolism of hair cells.
Replenishes the hair natural Keratin, restructuring and revitalizing the hair fiber.

Very shiny, healthy and loose hair, without frizz, with beautiful and natural movement.

  • Step 1: Apply the shampoo to wet hair and massage for 2 minutes. Rinse and repeat the operation. Remove moisture with a towel.

  • Step 2: Apply Keratin Charge to wet hair, lock by lock without touching the scalp. Do not rinse. Allow it to work for 8 to 10 minutes with a thermal cap.

  • Step 3: Rinse with plenty of water and remove excess moisture with a towel. In this phase the hair fibre will be restructured with the keratin load.

  • Step 4: Apply the Serum along the hair avoiding the excess of product. Comb with hair dryer. Iron at 180º 2 to 3 times per strand to seal the hair cuticles.

  • Precautions:
    • Do not wash the hair in the next 24-48 hours, the more hours without washing, the better the absorption of keratin.
    • The heat seals the hair cuticles and, therefore, it is essential to use the dryer in the process of cauterization. If no heat is applied, the hair will be treated with the recharged keratin, but the cauterization will not have been carried out and, therefore, the cuticle will not be sealed.
    • This kit is not a transformative chemistry, so it does not straighten the hair. The use of an iron only completes the treatment, as the heat fixes the keratin to the hair fibre.
    • After washing, the hair returns to its original shape, but with the keratin recharged, i.e. with healthier, more elastic and soft hair.
    • Very important: do maintenance with salt-free products, preferably from the same line Keramax Brazilian Keratin Reconstruction to prolong the effect of the treatment.
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This brand do not test in animal and has a environmental responsibility.

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