Brazilian straightening kit Salvatore Cosmetics Blue Gold Taninoplasty 2x100ml

Salvatore Cosméticos has been the pioneer in Brazil thanks to the development and revolution of TANINOPLASTY®. Tanino is a high-quality and long-lasting Brazilian straightening treatment that straightens, restructures and repairs the hair through its natural ingredients.
Enjoy all the benefits of the unique and authenticBrazilian Taninoplasty Blue Gold Premium, an official product certified by the European Union for exclusive sale to professionals .
BrasilyBelleza is the importer of the Salvatore Cosméticos HairPro brand and authorized distributor for sale in Spain.

499.95 €/Kg


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  • 1un Shampoo 100ml
  • 1un Hair Straightening 100ml
  • The kit is made up of two steps: Step 1 (Anionizing Shampoo) and Step 2 (Realignment Conditioner).
  • Sturdy plastic containers and sophisticated design in large format (1l capacity each).
  • Soft floral notes make up the aroma of the products and are very pleasant both for the person who performs the service and for the client.
  • The original packaging bears a stamp indicating its authenticity.
Recommended for all types of hair of any client (can be applied during pregnancy, lactation or to minors).

Active ingredients
  • 0% Formalin, glutaraldeide, glyoxylic acid and derivatives.
  • Does not cause itching on the scalp.
  • Novel TANINOPLASTY® technology.
  • Natural formula.
  • It acts by forming a network of proteins along the foundation of the cortex
  • Activated by the flat iron it provides a dreamy smooth.
  • Re-structures the lateral bindings of the hair giving a natural look.
  • Compatible with any chemical, even blonde hair.
  • It does not alter the color of the hair, either red or gray.
  • It does not waterproof the hair or damage the fiber with successive applications.
  • Comfort in application, without burning eyes or respiratory tract.
  • No itchy scalp and bad odors after treatment.
  • Straightens up to 100% of the hair in a natural and uniform way.
  • Durability from 2 to 6 months.
  • No risk at all.
  • Smooth, silky, shiny hair with movement and a natural look.
  1. Dilation of the cuticles
    • Wash hair with Premium Gold shampoo.
    • Massage gently spreading throughout the hair especially in the nape area and the entire hair extension.
    • Rinse and repeat the process.
    • Wash until the hair is completely clean and the cuticle is open so that the treatment penetrates better.
    • Leave a pause time of 5 minutes before rinsing the last lather.

  2. Application of smoothing
    • Shake the bottle vigorously before use to emulsify all the active ingredients.
    • Apply Blue Gold Premium straightening to damp hair, lock by lock.
    • Starting at the nape area and by sections.
    • From the roots to the ends with the help of a fine comb, remove the excess product.
    • Check that all the hair has the product evenly distributed.

  3. Pause and rinse:
    • Leave the product to act for 30 minutes so that the hair absorbs all the properties.
    • After the pause time, rinse with cold or lukewarm water and remove 100% of the product.

  4. Brushing and activation:
    • Completely dry the hair with a hair dryer and brush, aligning it.
    • High gloss and satin touch will be activated.
    • Iron slowly in thin strands (1cm) on average 10 times.
    • Take into account the structure of the hair and the resistance of the fiber.
    • Iron more at the root and less at the ends to avoid drying out due to heat.

  5. Finishing
    • Optional: professionals can wet hair at the end and dry it to be sure that the whole process is carried out correctly.
    • It is recommended to finish the process with a moisturizing treatment to stabilize the Ph.
Frequency of use
It can be applied successively without problems and without damaging the hair fiber.

More info
  • Product for professional use only.
  • Product certified by the European Union.
  • Salvatore's containers have printed seals that prove their authenticity, always check the firm's certificates to avoid imitations.
  • In a complete straightening service, the importance of a good washing, drying and ironing is fundamental for an optimal result of the service.
  • It is important that the thickness of the wicks to be worked with an iron is always the same, meticulous and quality work.
  • Follow the curve of the head so as not to leave imperfect areas, especially at the nape.
  • Approximate use of 30ml of the product for a medium length of hair.
  • Treatment to straighten and recover the hair.
  • A minimum value of 150 per application is recommended and the maximum depends on the target of the salon.
  • In the case of blonde hair, especially control the temperature of the straightener and passes to avoid oxidation and, if necessary, reduce the temperature or number of passes.
  • If at the end of the process, some strand is not as smooth as expected, dry it again with a brush, aligning the hair and iron it, without the need to add product.
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