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Defined Curls: Elevate your curls to the next level.
Special LOW POO range: without salt and without sulfates that controls the volume, releases the curls and improves the curvature 2ABC and 3ABC (wavy, curly and afro). Boast the natural beauty of your hair!
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  • 1un Shampoo 260ml
  • 1un Hair Mask 260g
  • 1un Curls Activator 260ml
Wavy, curly and afro hair.

Active Ingredients
  • Salt-free: this product does not contain salt (Sodium Chloride) and is ideal for hair care and to maintain the effects of keratin, straightening and/or botox treatments.
  • Ceramides:act in depth and establish an anti-dehydration barrier that prevents water loss
  • Rosehip: reduces inflammation, combats dryness and the appearance of dandruff. Repairs hair and soothes the scalp
  • Panthenol: ultra moisturizing complex and excellent conditioner that prevents hair damage, reduces split ends and provides shine
Hair with delicate cleaning, highly hydrated, repaired, with controlled, defined curls, loose and shiny.

B&B Fucsia Ceramidas y Rosa Mosqueta Curly Low Poo
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    • Low Poo: LOW means little and POO is an abbreviation for shampoo
    • This shampoo free of salt and sulfates, gently cleanses respecting the physiology of curly hair
    • With technology that protects the internal hydration of the hair fiber
    • Provides nutrients to improve hair strength and resistance
    • The curls are hydrated, nourished, defined and have a soft touch
    Method of use
    1. Wash the hair with the Salt-free Shampoo. Rinse.
    2. Apply the Conditioner by locks, with the fingers.
    3. Leave to act 3 to 10 minutes according to the hydration you are looking for (the longer, the more hydrated).
    4. It is recommended to wear a thermal cap to enhance the effects of the hair mask.
    5. Rinse with water.
    6. On damp hair spray the Curls activator, from the middle to the ends.
    7. Let air dry or, for a "wow" result, dry with diffuser, from bottom to top.
    8. This beauty ritual can be performed in every hair wash.
    See on product sheets separately.

    More information
    3 260ml plastic bottles with practical dosing caps. Creamy texture and exquisite perfume.
    This mark does not test on animals. All products are salt-free and suitable for good maintenance of the Straightening , Hair Botox or Keratin Treatment