Serum Vitablack Castor Oil 150ml

VitaBlack Castor Oil Hair Oil, developed with 100% natural Castor Oil, has fortifying and moisturizing properties, prevents hair breakage, the formation of double ends and provides an intense shine.
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  • Brand: VitaBlack
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Does your hair take time to grow? The castor oil line developed with 100% natural oil promotes softness, strength and shine, for strong and healthy hair.

  • Curly, wavy and afro hair
  • Chemical damaged hair
  • Hair burned by the irons
  • Hair with straightening and / or keratin treatment
  • Brittle and / or slow-growing hair

Active ingredients
  • Castor oil
  • Contains no salt, sulfates or parabens

Strengthens, fights breakage, hydrates and provides softness and shine.

Smoother shiny and healthy hair.

Plastic bottle with practical dispenser. 150ml capacity, exotic smell and creamy texture.

Directions and frequency of use
  • Para hacer el tratamiento de Fortalecimiento e Hidratación Profunda:
    1. Lavar el cabello con el champú de Aceite de Ricino u otro champú sin sal
    2. Mezclar 1 porción de la mascarilla de Aceite de Ricino con 1 tapa llena de este aceite
    3. Aplicar la mezcla en el cabello y dejar actuar por 10 minutos con una gorra térmica
    4. Aclarar. Aplicar la crema de peinar u otro producto para sellar las cutículas y mantener el tratamiento conseguido dentro del cabello
    5. Proceder al brushing y plancha
    6. Finalizar el peinado con gotas del aceite de ricino para extra brillo

  • Para unos óptimos resultados se recomienda el uso de la gama completa.
  • Follow the instructions of a hair oil.

    Ricinus communis seed oil, BHT.

    More info:
    This brand does not test its products in animals.

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