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Effective, innovative and unique Brazilian tratment of macro recrystallization. Replenish your hair with vitamins, nourishing and shine! Novex is among the leading brands in Brazil being reference in the treatment category.

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  • Brand: Embelleze

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  • 1 Shampoo 300ml
  • 1 Conditioner 300ml
  • 1 Mask 1 Kg
  • 6 Concentrated blisters
  • 1 Thermal cap
  • 1 serum 200g
It is recommended for frizzy hair, with damaged tips very dry or dull.

Active ingredients
Unique and perfect combination of vitamin E and pure argan oil extracted from trees in Morocco. This oil is a natural moisturizer and powerful antioxidant to fight free radicals helping repair cell membrane damage by increasing the strength of the hair fiber and preventing frizz.

With innovative and concentrated technology that act from root to tips and ultra deep action that only this treatment has! Argan range of Novex: the food that your hair needs to be perfect.

Hair full of life, renovated, free of frizz that receive and receiving compliments wherever it goes!

  1. Wash hair with the shampoo
  2. Mix a portion of mask with 2 drops of concentrated vial
  3. Apply the mix and leave it on for 10 minutes with a gorra térmica
  4. Apply a portion of keratin serum
  5. Proceed to blow dry and iron
Frequency of use
  • Repeat once/week for 3 consecutive weeks
  • For better results, make the correctly maintenance:
    • Wash hair with the shampoo for 2 minutes and rinse
    • Use as well the mask or the conditioner to moisturize hair
    • Let it act for 3 minutes and rinse
    • On wet hair, apply a little bit of the keratin serum and finalize as you desire
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