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Keratin and Orchid is a salt-free range of Stratti ideal for wavy or curly hair. Its natural extracts moisturize and revitalize hair curls and waves eliminating frizz.
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  • Brand: Stratti
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  • Shampoo 400ml
  • Conditioner 300ml
  • Combing cream 300ml
  • Mask 550g
Curly or wavy hair.

Active ingredients
Contains Orchid and Keratin extract. Contains no salt.

Moisturizes and revitalizes hair curls and waves and eliminates frizz.

Hydrated, nourished hair with controlled frizz and defined curls.

Directions and frequency of use
  1. Wash the hair with the Shampoo.
  2. Apply the mask, leave on for 2 minutes and rinse.
  3. Soften with Conditioner and rinse.
  4. On damp hair, apply the Combing Cream to activate and define curls.
  5. Air dry or diffuse.
Follow the instructions of a maintenance pack of salt-free products.

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