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Perfect Blonde: dare to dazzle.
Tonning treatment that moisturizes and softens hair, blocks shades of yellow or orange thanks to the blueberry extract and highlights the natural nuances of hair (blonde, with highlights, whites). Cooler blond with silk touch!
  • Reference: PCKM080
  • Brand: BB
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  • 1un Shampoo 260ml
  • 1un Hair Mask 260g
Blond hair (natural, dyed, bleached, with highlights, etc), white or gray.

Active Ingredients
  • Salt-free: this product doe snot contain salt (Sodium Chloride) and is ideal for hair care and to maintain the effects of keratin, straightening and/or botox treatments.
  • Blueberry extract: maintains dyed hair color, blocks yellow or orange shades and highlights natural nuances of hair
  • Collagen: strengthens, softens and repairs, improves hair elasticity and prevents thinning or loss of hair density (by chemical processes or age)
Hair with colder tones, hydrated, shiny and silk touch.

B&B Violet Blueberry y Colageno Blond
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  • Removes yellow from blond hair, brings shine to dyed hair and neutralizes color in gray hair.
  • Provides increased softness, silk touch, shine and healthy appearance for blond hair.
  • Repairs, hydrates and conditions gently.
Method of use
  • Wash your hair with the salt-free shampoo. Rinse.
  • Apply the hair mask by locks, with your fingers.
  • Leave to act 3 to 10 minutes according to the hydration you are looking for (the longer, the more hydrated).
  • It is recommended to wear a thermal cap to enhance the effects of the mask.
  • Rinse with water.
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    More information
    2 260ml plastic bottles with practical dosing caps. Creamy texture and exquisite perfume.
    This brand does not test on animals. All products are salt-free and suitable for good maintenance of the Straightening, Hair Botox or Keratin Treatment.